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CZ - Hermit of Mountain - Magical Elixir - by Cuzco

EUR 19.99

After received your Attunement   these High vibrational energies flowing automatically to the frequency  more suitable for you ,the energy will flow  with your intention.

Personal Application  or for others  any time, any place you need these energies.

As a hermit of mountain! 

A hermit  who has spiritual powers of magic rendering himself invisible, a occultist, alchemist, a Master of fortune telling and magic etc..

If you feel attracted to this system working with these energies will help you at realized your dreams !

Brings you longevity , wisdom ,spiritual and occult magical powers ,power of invisibility, help in magical practices, in healing sessions, protection, fortune 
telling powers, luck and more. 

These energies are  also wonderful  for aid  elderly persons,  for to bring  them a long life and a good, natural death and more.

Use  it by your intuition and  intention.

The practice is very important to develop the energies and also is good the meditation into these energies,through meditation you can find much uses 
of these energies and feel  guided.

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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