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The Universal Flush Maintenance Empowerment by Jay Burrell

EUR 25.00

 £25.00  - year  2019 

  A New Way to Clear & Align the Etheric Body ,the Universal Flush encompasses the clearing, alignment and balancing of all energy systems including the Chakras, Auric Field and Meridians. 

The Universal Flush Empowerment automatically works on all these functions at one time creating an overall sense of healing on all levels of your being. 

There are 3 degrees to the Universal Flush Maintenance Empowerment with each flush providing you with the energetic tools that you can use to support the healthy functioning of your Chakras, Auric Field and Meridian System with the aim of bringing optimal vitality, wellbeing, self empowerment and strength.

Those of us who are very sensitive to the energies of others and the world around us need a little help to press the re-set button when we feel our energy has been disrupted by external influences beyond our control.

Some benefits of the Universal Flush include:

Return to Normal Energy Levels 

Improved Mood

Improved Concentration 

A Feeling of Safety

Faith Returns 

Self Care 

Self commitment 

End to Chaos

Re-balance and Alignment of Mind, Body and Spirit

 There are 3 Degree’s within the Universal Flush Empowerment. 

1st Degree - The Chakra Flush Maintenance Empowerment 

2nd Degree - The Aura Flush Maintenance Empowerment 

3rd Degree - The Meridian Flush Maintenance Empowerment 

you will receive pdf manual  40 pages  and chi ball attunements 

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