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Web Store

Package A 13 Systems by Daelyn Wolf Manuals in Japanese (JPN)

EUR 10.00

Below are the list of attunements 

The Systems are ( NO substitutions )

 1- 999 Angelic Realm 

 2 - 999 High Magick Clear & Protect Reiki

3 - Angels Healing and Empowerment Reiki

4 - Cutting the Cords of Attachments

5 - Divine Magick Reiki

6- Empath Protection Reiki

7- Gastric Energy Healing Reiki

8- Healing Relationships Reiki 

9- Magick Reiki Demon Banish

10 - Magick Reiki Love 

11 - Money Miracles Reiki

 12- Mystic Eye of the Seer Reiki

13- Past Life Reiki 

You will receive 13 PDF Manuals Japanese language  and Chi Ball Attunements.

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