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Nwyfre Celtic Shamanic Healing - by Philip Hilton

EUR 25.00

£25.00  - year 2017 

Prerequisite: None

Vision Journey's with Druid and Faery Energies

Nwyfre can be used for Hands on Healing, Distant Healing work and Space Clearing.

 Within the manual that accompanies this system you will be taught the history of this energy which has roots within Druid practice and belief, as well as Shamanism and Faery work.

You will learn about the following and much more: 

  A Technique for Healing uisng Stones or Wood. 

  A Celtic Vision Journey Technique.

  The Nwyfre Cauldron Hand Position.

  How to construct your own Crane Bag.

  How to make and use a Silver Branch.

 Learn about the Ogham Staves of Divination.

 The Celtic Wheel of the year.

  Learn what the 7 Sacred Woods of the Beltane Fire are.

  The Celtic Moons.

  Celtic Birthstones- Find out what yours is.

  The Celtic Zodiac 
you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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