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Star Celaeno by Marijana Gabrielsen

EUR 7.99

Channeled message from Star Celaeno: "I came here to talk about the inner child and children in general.

We all know a child is an innocent being that lives in a world full of everything and anything. It still sees the best in the world, even though the world can be cruel sometimes, right? We would say, that that is a definition of a child. An innocent little being. And you humans say, that you feel sorry because you lose that innocence. Actually, you do not lose that. You NEVER lose that and that is the fact! That is the truth you forgot about. 

You never become something that you are not. You never become something different than what you were born with. I am not talking about destiny like everything is predestined. I am talking about that you were born with a beautiful potential, with beauty inside and you never lose that beauty! You just forget about it.

We should cherish our children. They are little beings who came to save the world, I would say, and they are there with their purity and innocence. But as much as we cherish and take care of the children of the world, we should take care of the child inside of ourselves! That is the message I bear.

Remember who you truly were. Do a meditation on your inner child. Take the photos from when you were a child and remember your wishes, what you were striving for, wishing for, what you were reading about, what you were drawing. Remember all the things. 

Do you know sometimes when you say “Oh, I had a talent for singing (or drawing) but I have not done it for years.” Why? Because YOU forgot about that talent. You forgot about that “meditation”, that moment that made you exclusively happy! And then you would say, “But my job is very demanding and I work all day!” Yes, but it’s still your task to find the time. Other stars talked about the concept of time and how it really does not exist. If you MAKE IT to lose the sense of so-called reality and time, you WILL have enough time to do what you were doing as a child. And that is when your wishes come true! That is were you inner child blossoms, grows and takes over and you become a fully potential person. A grown-up with amazing potential! 

Take care of the children of the world but never forget the child inside of yourself. You are still that child!"

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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