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Web Store

Goodbye Fat Reiki by Ekaterina Fedosova

EUR 25.00

 year 2021 - 65 euro 

The flow Goodbye Fat Reiki comes from the source of reiki and angels.

Your physical bodies suffer from extra pounds and internal organs too, fat accumulates your negative energy, negative experiences, bad habits, toxins, fat envelops your internal organs disrupting their work, distabilizes your body from a healthy rhythm. Fat distabilizes healthy flow of energies, blocks and delayed-action energies. 

When you lose weight, everything you have accumulated is released - toxins, negativity, negative memories. This leads to a breakdown of diets, exercises, starts doubts, there is a decline in strength and everything that was associated with it.

Goodbye Reiki Fat helps you to remove harmful energy effects during weight loss, promotes weight loss, stress release from external and internal changes that accompany weight loss, you will be able to lose weight as environmentally friendly as possible for the physical body and energy structures.

The process of losing weight will be easier, faster and filled with positive emotions.

you will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement 

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