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999 Crystalline Energetic Immunity Enhancer - by Ferry Puthut Handoko - Buy one and choose free - one system by Ferry of egual or less value

EUR 45.00

   year  2021 - US $  45

 Was channeled to enhance your innate physical immunity to the highest possible level and support it to adapt and cooperate with all kinds of medicine and vaccine that intended to supports your physical health and physical healing process. 

The 999 power are strongly boost this modality to works wonderfully as a support energy system of healthiness to your body. 

The energy of 999 Crystalline Energetic Immunity Enhancer will make sure that every effort you have done gives a maximum advantages to your physical health, and also helps to minimize the negative side effects, and help to binding and release the unnecessary chemical ingredients that came together by the medical healing given to you, to get out of your body. 

Activate the 999 Crystalline Energetic Immunity Enhancer before you get your medical treatment to make your body properly prepared to receive physical treatment and gain the maximum results from it.

You will receive pdf manual and chi ball attunement

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