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Inner Awareness Awakening by Winarso

EUR 7.99


Inner Awareness Awakening

Inner Awareness is from 2 words: Inner = Inside, within the essence of our being on some spiritual level; Awareness = one’s perception of reality from one level or plane/dimension to another.

Some people have only awareness of existing on the physical plane, other who are more sensitive to subtle energies around us experience other plane of reality. Therefore, what we are discussing when we say inner awareness, is our ability to use our inner awareness, our inner senses to perceive and interpret other vibrational frequencies or dimensions which exist side by side with us. I believe for each physical sense (sight, hearing, smelling, etc), each of us has a similar inner sense. The key thing to remember is that if one is attuned to these subtle vibrational dimension, the laws of these other realities can be extremely different than our own. For example what would a reality be like that did not have the constraint of time and space?

receive manual,  attunement  chi ball 

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