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Indigo 3rd Eye Power System by Winarso

EUR 9.00


To learn and receive the Indigo 3 rd  Rye Power System, you must be a Reiki Master and already have doing the 21 days self healing.

The Indigo 3 rd  Eye Power System has 3 times of attunements, that is:

1.      3 rd  Eye Clearing Attunement: This attunement have purposes to clear any negative energies and release any blockages you may have. Emotions like anxiety, fear and insecurity are some blockages to your 3 rd  Eye.

2.      3 rd  Eye Activation Attunement: This attunement have a purpose to activate the 3 rd  Eye Chakra.

3.      In digo 3 rd  Eye Power Attunement: the Indigo 3 rd  Eye Power Attunement is the main attunement at this system, establishes a direct connection to your pineal gland, pituitary gland and nervous system. It seeks to slowly and safely bring your Minds Eye   ( 3 rd  Eye) into higher vibration and level of activity, thus resulting in greater mental faculties, greater intelligence, greater imagination, greater insight into many areas  of life and also seeks to calm and balance ones own nervous system. Also this attunement will increase your physic abilities.  At here you will use a symbol. There are minimum 3 days between 3 rd  Eye Clearing Attunement and 3 rd  Eye Activation Attunement. Then, 7 days between 3 rd  Eye Activation Attunement and Indigo 3 rd Eye Power Attunement.

Receive manual,  attunement  chi ball ,

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