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Indigo Light Body Vibrational by Winarso

EUR 9.99

by  Winarso Price 45.99 $ year 2010

Indigo Light Body Vibrational is an art off healing energy, with specific techniques to enhance essential health and well-being. It is a state of consciousness in which the spirits of love and truth are allowed to predominate, letting the current of life flow through us.

Indigo Light Body Vibrational is available to everyone is on path of healing. This attunement clears the pathways in your body and raises your light body bringing it closer to the Divine. This means that you will be able to connect with your higher self, personal guides, Angel, Ascended Masters and other Light Divine Beings on a clearer channel as you have stepped closer to them.

There are other benefits from this attunement. As the light vibration in your body shifts and becomes lighter, this is felt on many levels. On an emotional level, you may feel more positive and will be able to assert your truth and allow yourself to be heard more, this means that positive changer may occur within relationships for you are able to speak and listen more clearly and consciously. As the attunement re-awakens your inner light truth you will sense your own intuition more guiding you on a heart led path to happiness and joy.

Receive manual English, chi ball attunement, lineage.

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