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Supra El Empowerment 2 Spiritual Elixirs

EUR 6.99

from Hari Winarso

20,99 $ year 2010

Supra El Empowerment –II

At this Supra – El II, you will attuned to 5 kinds energy of elixirs. The energy of elixirs at this Supra – El II is only works/treatments for our self, not for an others. If you want this energy can be useful, you can pass the attunement of this Supra – El II  for them, after they have receive the attunement of Supra – El I and works with Supra – El I for about 3 -5 days.

-         Eye of Goddess Elixir

-         Inner Insight Elixir

-         Aura Elixir

-         Spiritual Beings Elixir

-         Deep Meditation Elixir.

receive manual,  attunement  chi ball  

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