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Holy Fire gTummo by Winarso

EUR 9.00

Holy Fire gTummo

Prerequisite II Level Reiki

Holy Fire gTummo is a gTummo tradition that developed by Hari AndriWinarso and Edwin Aldrian. In the practice, Holy Fire gTummois without symbols mantras. Only using energy aspect of gTummo with energy patterns. So, will be more simple in the practice.

Like the other gTummo traditions, Holy Fire g Tummo has 4 levels, that is:

1 - Grade (Practitioner Level):

You should attuned with gTummo energy that his or her energy channels will be disclosed ( atsushmna, ida, pinggala and other nadis as well).

2 – Level (High Practitioner Level):

At this level,gTummo energy will be increased 108 times fold. Disclosing new paths of energy and cleansing body components is procured simultaneously as in Chakras, nadis, aura and so forth. At this level, you can using 5 primary energy patterns and 9 secondary energy patterns.

3 - Level (PersonalMaster Level):

gTummoenergy will be increased 1000 times fold of energy during the current level.

4 – Level (Master Teacher Level):

At this level, gTummo practitioner has been well – advanced in practicing gTummo in daily lives while this Master Teacher empowered with 10.000 times fold of energy. A Master Teacher of Holy Fire gTummo can give the angkurs for other people.

Receive manual English, chi ball attunement,lineage.

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