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Personal Bio Force Vibration by Winarso

EUR 6.99

by Andri Winarso year 2010

20,99 $  

Personal Bio Force Vibration

Personal Bio - Force Vibration is a higher vibration of bio – energy, which act to rejuvenate the cellular structure in your body, as well as activating, is anti aging effect due to the level releasing its built up toxics, this a deep cellular liver activation and cleanse, acting as a reversal to the rapid aging that takes place deep within our cellular matrix not only in your liver, however your entire bodies DNA.

This vibration will flow to your liver and activate it rapidly into detoxifying your body, not just on a physical level, however an emotional level. The liver is an Emotional Organ and stores emotions. Emotional blocks and repressed emotions are often stored in the liver. That is one reason why we age so fast in this day and age. Our liver starts to shut to down early due to repressed emotions.

The Personal Bio – Bio Vibration is not only useful to rejuvenate and anti aging, but also:

-     Supports the Immune System.

-     Assists Weight Loss.

-     Boosts Energy and Vitality.

-     And many other benefits.  

receive manual,  attunement  chi ball  , & lineage

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