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Divine Harmony Level 3 - by Winarso

EUR 6.99

  From Hari Winarso

    25,99 $  

Divine Harmony Level 3

Pre-Requisite : Divine Harmony Attunement 2.

Now you have achieve the Divine Harmony Attunement 3. Like as the Divine Harmony Attunement 1 and 2, after you have receive the attunement of Divine Harmony Attunement 3, you can doing some other attunement belong this Divine Harmony Attunement 2 by yourself (Self Attunement).

The attunement that including at here ,is:

1.           Inner Freedom Attunement

2.           Inner Harmony Attunement

3.           Inner Joy Attunement

4.           Inner Peace Attunement

5.           Male – Female Integration Attunement

6.           Inner Wisdom Attunement

7.           Attachment Removal Attunement

8.           New Horizons Attunement

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